Michael Wignall


I have always sought to create a restaurant that is centred on my beliefs, passions and values about food and what I believe a dining experience should be.

A chef’s language is his food, meaning I use the colours, flavours, textures and harmony of ingredients to express myself and create dishes that are entirely unique to me. As for the dining experience, I strive to create a distinct personality conveyed not only through the food but encompassed in the whole experience.

One of the most respected chefs in the UK, Michael Wignall has won Michelin stars in every kitchen he has headed since being awarded his first star in 1993. Michael is famed for his respect for food and an ever evolving style which creates unique dishes full of flavour, underpinned by a contemporary, less formal approach to fine cuisine. Describing his food as ‘modern, technical and meaningful’, each element features to add flavour or texture, enticing diners to experience new combinations and ingredients.