Michael Wignall


Classically trained, but with an inquisitive mind that is very much open to developments in modern cooking, his food is distinctively self-styled - highly technical and carefully crafted, with every detail refined and perfected. Recent travels to the Far East and Japan have become hugely influential in determining the direction of his menus; the clean flavours, pared back presentation and simple elegance encapsulated in this approach to cuisine now defining many of his dishes.


His attention to detail, utmost respect for quality produce and drive to ensure ingredients are kept true to their own flavours and identities characterises every dish. Each a masterpiece in its own right, most begin with a sketch, travel through the trial and error process and will only appear fully formed on the menu in their final iteration following exhaustive testing and trialling.


But the evolution does not stop there; daily experimentation and development happens behind the scenes, with inspiration drawn from all walks of life, Michael consistently strives to build upon and develop dishes – be it the technique, flavour combination, presentation – there is always scope for improvement. A close relationship with suppliers to inform the rearing or growing processes also allows him to directly influence the produce he works with, encouraging experimentation literally in the field to develop his dishes with exacting precision.


The final results are dishes made up of multiple ingredients, with multiple techniques – each offering huge amounts of flavour, but with everything placed on the plate for a reason, no individual flavour is allowed to dominate – elements shine individually, yet work together in seamless harmony. His innovative and imaginative combinations are sophisticated and unusual, allowing distinct textures, flavours and ingredients to both complement and enhance the other components.